Re-Paving Commons Drive

Savannah Vasquez
Okaloosa County road crews work to repave Commons Drive near Triumph Road.

The Okaloosa County road crew has just completed repaving several stretches of Commons Drive.

“That’s part of our preservation project, we do every year,” said Road Division Manager Bryan Moore. “We have $100,000 budgeted each year for preservation of our existing roadways and choose different roads in our five divisions to focus on each year.”

This year, Commons Drive saw surface treatments and micro-surfacing overlays from the intersections of Indian Bayou Trail to Henderson Beach Drive and from Triumph Road to Kelly Plantation Drive.

“We re-paved 40,300 feet so pretty close to a mile of roadway,” said Moore. “We also had a little maintenance done, so the total time we were there was four to five days.”

Now that the paving is completed, all that is left is the re-striping which Moore said will be done by an outside contractor.

As for next year, there is no telling yet what roadwork the County may choose to improve in Destin.

“In January we will take our projects to the board of County commissioners and everything has to be approved by the board first,” said Moore.