Code Club teaches next generation key skills

Annie Blanks The Destin Log
ANNIE BLANKS | The Destin Log

Brandon Doherty, a middle school student and member of Code Club, closely looks at the computer screen as he creates a video game Friday afternoon. Code Club at the Destin Library teaches kids the building blocks of coding.

Some kids play "Pokemon GO." Other kids learn how to create it.  

The Destin Library is helping young, technologically-inclined minds do just that, thanks to their new Code Club. Every Friday after school, Administrative Assistant Megan Fontaine, who took coding courses while in college at FSU, teaches a class of up to 18 middle school students the basic building blocks of coding. Learning how to code can teach kids how to create video games, websites and much more.

“I am of the opinion that learning how to make computers work for you is going to be a part of everyone’s education moving forward,” Fontaine said. “Skills like these are critical.”

Code Club utilizes Scratch, a program developed at MIT to teach kids how to think like programmers. The kids in Code Club use the program to learn how to apply coding to make video games and develop other important online applications.

“It’s just a really fun way to learn how to code, while building skills and making games at the same time,” Fontaine said.

Brandon Doherty attended the first class last Friday, and said he enjoyed Code Club because it gave him a creative outlet while teaching him how to be a better computer user.

“I just thought it would be cool if I actually knew what I could do with my computer,” he said. “In this class you get free time to be creative.”

Fontaine said she hopes the club lets people know, especially kids, that there’s more to do at the library than just check out books.

“Kids remember the library as the place they used to go for storytime,” she said. “The library is so much more than just a place to go for storytime.”

The library still has some seats available for Code Club. To reserve a seat, call the library at 837-8572.