Lenny's Sub Shop has new owners

Annie Blanks The Destin Log
The De Varonas hope to make the new Lenny's Sub Shop in Destin a family affair. 

From left to right are Calvin White, Lynn De Varona, Henry Jr. De Varona, James De Varona, Henry De Varona and Lance White. ANNIE BLANKS | The Destin Log

Lenny’s Sub Shop in Destin is under new ownership, and the couple at the helms hopes to use their new restaurant to make an impact on the community.

Lynn and Henry De Varona, a couple who lives in Santa Rosa Beach, took over the Lenny’s location in Destin next to the Wal-Mart back in August. Lenny’s is best known for its fresh bread and meaty sandwiches.

 The De Varonas, who have a combined four sons and one grandson, expressed a desire to make the restaurant a family affair. 

“We wanted to develop a business that would thrive after we retire,” Henry said.

“It was really all about family,” Lynn added. “We are centered within family, and we’re always trying to figure out how we can grow but still stay together.”

Buying and running the Lenny’s was a natural step for their family. Three of the boys work there along with their parents, and the De Varonas want to encourage other teens in the community to work there as well.

Henry said he hopes to take the Lenny’s in a new direction. He has begun offering slider platters that are perfect for people wanting to get food for tailgating or the beach, and he’s also pushing his lunchbox options for eaters on the go. More importantly, though, Henry is trying to make his restaurant more involved in the Destin community.

“I’m trying to reach out into the community to see what void there is we can fill,” he said.

He has plans to provide lunches to volunteers with next month’s Destin Fishing Rodeo, and hopes to get involved in other large community events as well.

“You’ve got to give to the community,” Lynn agreed. “The Destin community has been beyond great as we’ve taken over this restaurant. They’ve been very welcoming.”

The De Varonas have big plans for the future of their restaurant, looking to branch out towards the Santa Rosa Beach area.

But for now, they are happy growing and learning in their Destin location.

“In the first month, we’ve trained really hard,” Henry said. “We’re just going to get out there as much as we can.”