City of Destin Land Use Attorney Scott Shirley resigns

Annie Blanks | 315-4450 | @DestinLogAnnie |
Scott Shirley

Scott Shirley has resigned as the City of Destin’s Land Use Attorney.

Shirley’s impending departure was announced via a press release posted on the city website Wednesday afternoon.

When reached by phone at his office in Tallahassee on Thursday morning, Shirley cited his commute from Tallahassee to Destin for city meetings as the primary reason for his resignation.

“I did have a medical issue arise during a return drive recently, and it has concerned me that if something like that happens again, it may … just be unsafe,” he said. “I have returned home after  3 a.m. on a number of occasions in the last 9 months. And that is very difficult to do on a continuing basis.”

Shirley has been the city’s land use attorney for over fifteen years.

“It’s been a wonderful experience, and at the same time a very challenging engagement,” he said. “I think it’s time to make a change and to have someone else advise them (the city) going forward.”

Destin City Manager Carisse LeJeune said Shirley was an invaluable asset to the city.

“He is going to be greatly missed by staff. His institutional knowledge, his professionalism, the way he has made himself available to both me and to staff with all of the very complex intricate land use questions and projects that we have going on right now, we’re very sorry to see him go,” LeJeune said.

Shirley’s resignation will go into effect on December 31, 2016. LeJeune said the Destin City Council will discuss options for Shirley’s replacement at the city council meeting on Monday, Oct. 17 at 6:00 p.m.