Goat guy returns after cross-country odyssey

Wendy Victora | 315-4478 | @WendyVnwfdn |
Erick Brown rests on a pole recently at the Destin harbor with his pet goat Deer. Brown has spent the past couple years traveling the country with his goat to inspire people to live their dreams. NICK TOMECEK/DAILY NEWS

After hitch-hiking across the country for two years with his goat named Deer, Erick Brown is back in Destin to remind people of the foundation he started.

He arrived on Wednesday — his 30th birthday — and slept outside with his goat. Travel with a goat can be limiting, he said.

“It’s really crazy sometimes having a goat,” says Brown. “It limited me. I can’t get a hotel. I can’t get on a bus with a goat.”

He also has trouble hitching a ride, even when posting his request online in advance.

"They didn't believe I was real," he said.

Years ago, he started a Facebook page for his Rock Club Foundation. He’s also had a GoFundMe page to help pay for his travels and is expanding his social media reach to YouTube, which he feels is a better venue for his message.

He says his foundation's dream is to have a community of believers and to inspire people to live their dreams. He’s living his, sort of. Over the last two years, he’s been to California, Seattle, Colorado, Tennessee and, most recently, Washington D.C.

He and a buddy ran for president of the United States, he says, but that’s a dream that’s going to take longer to reach. In eight years, he hopes to be in the White House.

First, he wants to get his driver’s license back and get another vehicle to make traveling easier. If all goes well, he’ll have at least the license part straightened out before he hits the road again next week.

Although he has said recently that he wants to get rid of Deer, he said Wednesday that was just a joke. A few years ago, he briefly lost custody of the animal after a passerby complained he was dragging the unwilling goat behind his bicycle.

Deer is easy to care for, doesn’t mind sleeping outside and seems to survive nicely on a diet of goat food, grass, weeds and the occasional piece of garbage.

“He eats paper, but not plastic,” Brown said. “I don’t let him eat plastic.”