Bos has no plans to demolish Coyote Ugly, break ground on Baby Grande any time soon

Annie Blanks | 315-4450 | @DestinLogAnnie |
Plans are moving forward on additional developments within the HarborWalk Village. FILE PHOTO/THE LOG

Peter Bos and Legendary Inc. are moving forward with HarborWalkVillage developments, including plans for a new retail space, updates to the Emerald Grande and the building of the Baby Grande towers. 

The development company behind the Emerald Grande submitted plans to the city in late April 2016 to move on with the second phase of the project, which will include two nine-story buildings, retail space and a “mega pool.” The lot is located at the southeastern corner of Harbor Boulevard and Stahlman Avenue, where a parking lot and Coyote Ugly currently stand.

However, Bos said he has no immediate plans to tear down Coyote Ugly or break ground on Baby Grande anytime soon.

“In the master plan, that building is supposed to be coming down. And we’re contemplating building a replacement space for Coyote Ugly in the new construction,” Bos said in a phone interview with The Destin Log. “Coyote Ugly is doing very well and we have no near terms plans to displace or relocate them.”

Coyote Ugly opened in 2013 and bills itself as a bar/saloon with bartenders who dance on tables. It occupies the building that previously housed Shed BBQ & Blues Joint.

Bos added that he has no plans in the near future to break ground on the Baby Grande development, which will see a condominium and a hotel building built on the 9-acre lot.

“Right now, we’re only building a few model units in the Emerald Grande itself,” Bos said. “We’re just submitting some plans and drawings for the Emerald Grande. We’re using some of the allowed density in phase two to finish out some space.”

He said the next project for the area will be a small retail space on the water that fits into the rest of the look of HarborWalk Village. 

“We have in submission with the city the first small commercial building down near the water,” he said. “We have one of those mobile units and are replacing it with the new building. It’ll be a small little retail shop.

“Our basic concept for the village is a whole lot of little stores and buildings as opposed to a large Emerald Grande kind of structure,” he continued. “We think of it as a village of smaller buildings along the water.”