Destin sells Destin

Local Realtor Destin Lowery is a regular on HGTV's 'House Hunters'

Wendy Victora
Destin Lowery, a Destin Realtor, has been in six episodes of "House Hunters" for HGTV. [SPECIAL TO THE DAILY NEWS]

It’s been about four years since Destin Lowery got the call from a producer for the television show "House Hunters."

The producer was impressed with a video submitted by one of her friends who was looking for a home in Destin and wanted to be considered by the show on HGTV. Lowery’s first name initially caught the producer’s attention.

“He asked her, ‘Is your Realtor’s name Destin and are you buying in Destin?’ ” Lowery said.

When the woman said Lowery was in fact her Realtor as well as a good friend, the producer asked if she could send a video.

The RE/MAX Southern Realty Realtor did and the producers came down to Destin and fell in love with the area, Lowery said.

She has filmed six episodes of the popular HGTV show, the most recent being last week. The fifth show she filmed is expected to air shortly.

The show takes viewers behind the scenes as buyers look for and find their perfect homes.

Lowery said they typically film for five 10-hour days in order to produce the 30-minute episodes. In the segments, potential buyers choose between three properties.

Their final choice is a closely guarded secret until the show airs.

Lowery, who has been selling homes in Destin for 18 years, said she has shown houses and condos throughout the area for the show. They film at each prospective home as well as at restaurants and stores where the buyers spend time.

Lowery talks with the buyers in advance and makes arrangements for their visits, she said.

The family of four who was in town last week for the show has a home in Nicaragua, a home in Colorado and a small home in Destin. They were here looking for a larger home, Lowery said.

On their visit, they went to LuLu’s, where the restaurant’s public relations firm took photos of them dining and hanging out near the play area. The couple, Tim and Ksenia Howsden, have two young children.

Ironically, although Lowery’s first name helped land her the gig, she isn’t named after the city where she works. She was named after a cheerleader her mom used to babysit.

In fact, neither she nor her parents had heard of Destin until she was 9 years old. Her father owned a custom van business and a man came in wanting to trade town homes in Destin for vans.

“He said, ‘These town homes are in a place called Destin, Florida. It’s a little fishing village’” she recalled. “He said, ‘One day, this is going to be something big.’ ”