Library looking to expand parking lot, services

The Destin Log

The city is getting ready to demolish three abandoned cottages next to the Destin Library with plans on expanding the library’s parking lot.

Before demolition occurs, asbestos found in two of the neglected properties must be removed by a qualified contractor. Asbestos is not environmental friendly and is found in older structures, according to the city’s spokesman Doug Rainer.

“Demolition is scheduled for the end of this fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30,” Rainer said.

Destin Library Director Jurate Burns said the city purchased the property for the library about 10 years. The demolition of the cottages and construction of the expanded parking lot will be funded through the city's impact fee program, a funding mechanism in the city to improve transportation, parks, law enforcement services and the library.

Burns said the library will be able to expand their property and offer more special services and programs once the construction is completed.

“We have about seven special programs at the library and we don’t have enough parking spaces for the public,” Burns said. “We don’t want people parking outside on the sides of the streets.”

Burns said 15 more parking spaces will be created without using the whole parcel that will be cleared out.

“We want to expand into the existing staff parking lot and reconfigure it,” she said.

Burns said there will still be space available in the backside of the library for future development.

“Maybe we can have a metal storage unit for surplus storage … it’s just a possibility,” she said.