The Rocketts are back

Kid magicians to host local show

Savannah Vasquez
Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn help make all of their magic props as well as choose the songs in their routines. [SPECIAL TO THE LOG]

After making the top 14 on "America’s Got Talent," and traveling to 40 countries over the past year, local celebrities and kid magicians Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett are returning to Destin. The magical sibling duo, who are 11 and 9 years old respectively, will begin live shows at the Bart Rockett Theatre in HarborWalk Village on May 26 and will be wowing crowds throughout the summer.

The Log caught up with the young magicians over FaceTime to get an inside look at the show and the siblings behind it.

DL: Since "America’s Got Talent" last year have you hosted magic shows of your own, or will Destin be your first?

Brooklyn: After "America’s Got Talent" we’ve done many live shows. It’s all a blur. We’ve been touring in China, Germany, Paris; 40 countries. One time we even did 12 countries in nine days!

Kadan: (Stateside) we’ve done a few shows in California. We hosted a 1,700-seat theater in Oklahoma, we visited Niagara falls – that was awesome. And in New Jersey we were the headlines for iPlay America.

DL: Are you going to be bringing in acts from the "America’s Got Talent" routine to the Destin show?

Kadan: Yes we are going to be, as well as some really cool new tricks that we’ve been working on.

DL: Do you have any new acts or illusions you can share with us?

Brooklyn: We are going to be doing our favorites from "America’s Got Talent," but our stage is a little bit smaller.

DL: Will the audience be able to participate in some of your acts?

Kadan: Yes we do many tricks where we have the audience participate. If anybody comes to the show, get ready to be up on stage. It’s an all around family show – the adults will be laughing right along with the kids.

DL: What is your favorite part about working together as a brother-sister team?

Kadan: There’s a lot of good things but at the same time there are some bad. Probably just our chemistry of us working together – it’s saved us many times. If I was working with someone else I would have no idea, she would be on a completely different page than me. I would have no idea what was happening, but if something goes wrong (Brooklyn) knows how to handle it just like I do. We’ve always practiced together. It would also get lonely and I’d be sad.

Brooklyn: We are brother and sister so there is this thing called sibling rivalry! I basically agree with what he said.

Kadan: Her favorite part is probably that she steals the show.

DL: What do you like to do when you are not doing your show?

Brooklyn: I like to dance and sing.

Kadan: One of the things I love doing with my dad is trying to fly planes (flight training), and piano – I actually have one (piano) and have been playing around with it for the last couple of days and I like to sing.

Brooklyn: We also like to make up our own TV shows.

DL: How do you fit school into all of the travel and shows?

Brooklyn: We do our school on our computers. But we travel so much that then Kadan calls it “plane schooling.”

DL: What are you looking forward to when you come back to Destin?

Brooklyn: Let me just say, I’m excited about the beach!

Kadan: I would say we are both very excited to be coming to Destin and to be having fun and playing around, doing our show.

The Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn Show will run from May 26 to Aug. 12 with shows running about four to five days a week. Ticket are $29.95 and are available at

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