Destin church constructing $5 million faciltiy

Heather Osbourne | 315-4440 | @heatheronwfdn |
Metal studs have been installed in the new addition at Destiny Worship Center. [NICK TOMECEK/THE LOG]

For children who attend Destiny Worship Center, church is about to become a dreamland come May 1.

Destiny Worship Center, with its main campus located on Poinciana Boulevard, will soon have an over $5 million state of the art children's facility. 

"We'll have a three story indoor playground," said Rev. Steve Vaggalis, founder of Destiny Worship Center. "We'll have specialized classes for each age group and we've designed a second floor gymnasium."

The facility, which is being constructed alongside the main chapel, will also feature a children's chapel.

Vaggalis said with Destiny Worship Center's school, Gateway Academy, at 200 students and its children's church topping 500 children, it was time for an expansion.

"We decided to expand the church first and foremost because we have a heart for the next generation," Vaggalis said. "That’s why we pour a lot of our resources into kids. We couldn't keep using up the same space. What this will enable us to do is separate our kids' church and school to turn over more classes." 

The reverend said the church did not receive any grants or special funding for the new building.

"It's paid for by just the sheer generosity of our people who believe in reaching the next generation," Vaggalis said. "We don't want to lose them to the worldly culture. We want to help them figure out who they are and what they're called to do in life."