SNOWBIRD SILLIES: Sunday was a 'rain' of terror

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
Patrick McAlpine

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was quoted as saying, "Into each life some rain must fall."

But that was ridiculous on Sunday.

In January we had terrible "wreahtre." That's the worst "spell" of weather we've had in awhile.

One religion claims that Hindu each life, some rain must fall.

So much rain on Sunday, I put an ad in the paper that read “Need an Ark. I ‘Noah’ guy.”

It rained so hard Sunday that I saw animals starting to pair up.

It rained cats and dogs all day. I kept stepping into poodles.

Actually heard a golfer at Seascape golf course after a streak of lightning and a loud clap of thunder say, "Hey guys, when God wants to play through, we let him. Let's go inside."

Sunday was definitely an umbrella day. Reminds me of the Big Banks. They lend us an umbrella in fair weather and when it rains, they ask for it back. (Robert Frost )

Meteorologists claimed that it would stop raining soon, but I drought it.

I got hit with freezing rain and it hurt like "hail."

Was all prepared for the storm on my way to church on Sunday and when I tried to get out of my car and tried to open my umbrella, I couldn't find the button to make it open and got soaked.

There was a tremendous amount of fog this past weekend. I tried to catch it, but mist.

If you looked up, you could see that those dark clouds were wearing "thunderwear."

Actually saw an umbrella with this written on it — "I've got you covered."

Snowbirds, just figure how much we saved on car washes this past weekend.

The weather was pretty terrible outside, but the amount of wine we imbibed inside was delightful.

One home ownerwith a basement stated that it was flooded. He asked, “What is worse than a flooded basement?” and I replied, "A flooded attic."

Remember, rains happens "weather" we like it or not.

Those thunderstorms invest their money in liquid assets and frozen assets.

It was raining pennies because of the "change" in weather.

We had a party for a few friends on Sunday at our place and because of all the rain, I placed large books outside my door on which guests could wipe their feet. The reason being, these are "tomes" that dry men's and women's soles.

Huge raindrops came flowing down upon us. You could almost hear each drop saying, " My plop's bigger than your plop."

Have a “punny” week.

Patrick McAlpine is a self-described “edutainer” and a Canadian Snowbird from Ottawa. Submit your jokes or smiles