'I just want to eat clean'

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Everkrisp's new meal service is available for pickup or delivery every Sunday and Wednesday after 3 p.m. [CONTRIBUTED PHOTO]

Meal prep services aren’t anything new, but for Everkrisp owners Brendan and Ashley McMahon it is the newest addition to their business.

As of Jan. 2, you can order dishes such as coconut chicken curry or grilled flank steak for pick-up or delivery twice a week.

“We do it two days a week because we’re trying to be overly cautious about freshness,” Brendan said. “A lot of companies that do this, do it one day a week, which is fine, the food will still be good but it will lose a bit of its quality by the end of the week, so we wanted to do it twice a week.”

The idea of offering a meal-prep service began in July of last year. After a lot of planning and thinking, Brendan said it just makes sense.

“If you’re not a high-end restaurant, in the next few years a larger portion than ever of your revenue is gonna be people picking up to-go or delivery, it’s just the way the whole industry is going if you’re not a sit-down restaurant,” he said. “This allows you to do some fun stuff and see some new faces and reach a clientele you didn’t have before.”

The process to order is simple. Simply visit Everkrisp’s website and click on the “Meal Prep” tab. You’re then taken to the order screen where you can view pre-selected meals and customize them however you like.

“People change things about the meals all the time, that doesn’t bother me,” Brendan said. “A lot of people don’t want carbs or want all veggies so I just tell them ‘hey, just write us a note with dietary restrictions or anything and we’ll do it.' I just want to give people what they want.”

Pickup and deliveries are on Sunday and Wednesday between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Orders must be placed by Thursday at 3 p.m. for Sunday meals or on Monday at 3 p.m. for Wednesday meals. If you opt for home delivery, there is a one-time $15 fee that covers the cost of two coolers and ice packs for your meals. After that, the delivery fee is $5.

“Right now we’re from Rosemary Beach to Mary Esther, including Shalimar and Niceville,” Brendan said.

He added that he would even go as far as Crestview, but the delivery fee might be a little different.

“I cater in Crestview so I would say just email me and I’m gonna say yes,” he said.

Unlike other meal delivery and prep services, there is no minimum or maximum to the number of meals you have to order for pick-up or delivery from Everkrisp.

“You can order one just to see if you like it,” Ashley said. “That’s why I like it because a lot of these meal prep companies will make you order a minimum and then you’re stuck with 20 meals that you don’t like.”

The McMahons are currently working on making their website a bit more user friendly and including a create-you-own option so customers can make their meals fully customizable. A Keto-friendly menu will soon make an appearance in addition to the full menu offered in the Everkrisp restaurants.

Eventually, the business owners hope to expand their services to offer the pre-made meals in their store and local gyms and to include bulk items such as whole roast chickens and side items so a whole family can enjoy a meal.

“We want to have these things in our store as well so you can just come by and get it if you’re not a planner or not wanting to order your food three days out,” Brendan said. “There’s a lot of different ways we want to go with it.”

But the main thing the couple hopes to achieve is to provide good, flavorful foods that aren’t processed or frozen.

“I just want to eat clean,” Ashley said. “ I just want to know what I’m eating and for it to not be processed. I don’t have to worry about any of that when it comes to food from Everkrisp.”

“We’re just trying to provide something people want and need,” Brendan added.