City docks still damaged from Michael

Sheri Kotzum | 315-4353 | @DestinLogSheri |

Three months after Hurricane Michael and several Destin docks and piers still have yellow caution tape wrapped around their entrances.

Shortly after Hurricane Michael hit, city crews found that the fishing pier, pavilion, and seawall at Clement Taylor Park, the Mattie Kelly Fishing Pier and two docks at Joe’s Bayou had suffered damage from the storm.

Structural issues and missing boards prompted crews to close the frequently-used areas until FEMA was able to come and preform their inspections.

According to Destin Public Information Manager Catherine Card, it will still be a few weeks before they get answers about repairs.

“We want FEMA to come take a look at them,” she said. “They’ll do the inspections and at that point they’ll tell us what needs to be done and what the time frame is gonna be.”

A FEMA site inspector is currently scheduled to come assess the damage in early February, according to Card.

But for now, the damaged sites will remain “quarantined” to keep the public safe.

According to a previous article in The Log, the 410 foot Mattie Kelly pier was supposed to have received $4,300 worth of upgrades done by mid-September. After the damage from Hurricane Michael was assessed, former public information manager Doug Rainer told The Log that crews would have to take a close look at the structural integrity of the pier, due to its age.

A white, sunken sailboat can also be seen to the left of the pier. According to Card, the FWC is aware of the boat and is handling the issue.

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