DEP designates new Clean Marina

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The Ultimate Marina is a small, private marina on Holiday Isle that just received the Clean Marina designation from the DEP. [SHERI KOTZUM/THE LOG]

Across the street from the O’Steen Public Beach Access on Holiday Isle is a small private marina called Ultimate Marina. Only identifiable by a small “No Trespassing” sign with Ultimate Marina in small black letters at the bottom on its white gate, you would probably miss it unless you already knew about it.

But this 11-slip marina has recently been named one of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Marinas for 2019.

To be designated as a Clean Marina, a marina show that they are environmentally responsible by offering services such as sewage pumpout stations, recycling, proper disposal of hazardous materials and plans for emergency preparedness and spill prevention.

This is Sean Myers’ second marina that has earned the Clean Marina designation. The first marina was the Waterview Tower’s Marina, which he manages alongside the Ultimate Marina. It received the Clean Marina designation in June 2016.

“It took me like five years to get that (for Waterview), but once I knew what I was doing better with the DEP, it didn’t take long for the Ultimate. It only took me a year,” Myers said.

Myers has been managing the Waterview Towers Marina since it opened in 1997, and took over handling the Ultimate Marina a few years ago. He said getting Clean Marina certified isn’t a quick or simple process.

“I’ve had 22 years of experience with the DEP and it’s not easy pleasing them,” he said. “First they come out and inspect it and tell you all the things you need to do to become a clean marina, such as signage, fire extinguishers, a panic file, things like that.”

Being a Clean Marina is all about being more environmentally conscious and each marina must also have pamphlets available to educate the boat owners about different cleaners and chemicals.

“I put out pamphlets so people could see what products they (DEP) would rather you use instead of the harsh cleaners some people use on boats,” Myers said. “Basically it’s just educating the owners. Use as little bleach as you can, don’t use these acids, don’t use these cleaners.”

Waterview Towers Marina and the Ultimate Marina aren’t the only Clean Marinas on Holiday Isle. The East Pass Towers Marina was the first one to receive that designation and helped show Myers what was needed to get his marinas certified as well.

The DEP inspected Ultimate Marina six months ago. Myers didn’t hear a word about it until he received the Clean Marina designation.

“All of the sudden I had a flag in the mail and a plaque,” he said. “I was pretty shocked. It’s actually one of the better flags I’ve seen out here on the water.”

The Clean Marina flag will be displayed alongside the American flag and state of Florida flag, outside of the marina.

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