Destin indoor adventure park delays opening

Urban Air Destin now looks to open in the fall

Savannah Vasquez

DESTIN — Urban Air Adventure Park Destin, an indoor trampoline park, will not open this spring.

The park was scheduled to open at the Emerald Coast Centre in Destin in the spring or early summer, but the franchisee said that will not be the case.

"Due to some delays in permitting and construction, a spring opening is no longer possible," Urban Air Destin's Facebook page read Wednesday. "Looking like fall at this point. Apologies to everyone who was planning on joining us before then. The park will be awesome when we finally open."

Mike Blech, franchisee owner of Urban Air Adventure Park Destin, said the building specifications are not yet adequate for the adventure park's needs, and thus he has had to delay progress.

"It basically came down, the landlord was supposed to get all the permitting done by August (2018), then October. Long story short, they have done demo(lition) but have not even started on the roof-raising part. It's going to take a few months to do that and a few months for me to get the build-out done, so we are looking at fall, hopefully."

Blech added that the 42,000-square-foot park must meet a certain height requirement before being built-out because of its Urban Air Sky Rider Indoor Coaster and trampoline features. Once the building meets the height requirements, Blech said he will be ready to open in a month.

Park Grimmer, owner of Grimmer Realty Company Inc. that owns the Emerald Coast Centre, said the construction team is waiting for permits from the city of Destin.

“We are having to raise the roof on that particular building, and we had to go back to the city and get some permitting issues settled up," Grimmer said. "We are shooting for late fall or early winter. It just depends on the construction."

As for Urban Air Adventure Park Destin, Blech said he is a bit frustrated about the delay, but still plans to move forward with the park when the building is ready.

"It will be coming up on two years of working on it," Blech said. "I was optimistic we would be open for spring break. I'm getting everything ordered and set up so we can get open as soon as possible once we get the space ready."

As for Rouses Markets, which Grimmer prematurely announced was coming to Destin in 2020, the grocer has yet to confirm a contract with the Emerald Coast Centre.