Graduations in Destin take on a different look

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

Not only is graduation and the close of the school year going to look different for the high schoolers, but for those at Destin Middle and Destin Elementary as well.

Usually during that last week of school at Destin Middle there are events planned for each grade. This year, the sixth graders had a movie night on the calendar, while the seventh graders were supposed to go to Big Kahuna’s and the eighth graders were to compete in the Marlin Olympics.

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But like everything else since the COVID-19 swept across the country, things have changed. Every night is movie night, but at home; no trip to the water park, the park is closed; and no running shoes are needed for the 100-yard dash, the olympics are off.

However, in an effort to make it special for the eighth graders, “The eighth grade team is going to put together a video to congratulate them,” said Grant Meyer, principal at Destin Middle.

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In addition to the video, the school is also working on a slide show of the eighth graders that will be on display on the digital billboard at the Emerald Grande.

As for the video, it will be posted on the Destin Middle School Facebook page for all to view.

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In the meantime, since students will not be returning to campus to clean out their lockers, the school staff has retrieved the students stuff from their classrooms, hall lockers and PE lockers.

The DMS staff began distributing the students’ personal belongings by means of a drive-through method on Monday from 9 a.m. until noon. Fifth grade students were scheduled for Monday, sixth grade for Tuesday, seventh grade is Wednesday and eighth grade Thursday.

Parents were asked to enter the bus ramp in the back of the school and to stay in their car, while school staff brought the students’ stuff out to the car. All went well the first day.

Tuesday morning, cars were coming through two and three at the time with parents picking up their students’ belongings.

As for those fourth grade students who would be graduating from Destin Elementary it’s going to be different as well.

"We will have as many teachers as possible, appropriately spaced in the front of the school, and we will have our fourth graders coming through in a car line between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on May 29th,“ said Joe Jannazo, principal at Destin Elementary. “Going to try to make as big of a deal about it that we can for these very deserving students.”

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