LEO wives heart OCSO buildings to show support

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

If you’ve driven by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s substation on Stahlman Avenue in Destin in the last few days you may have noticed all the hearts on the building.

And no it’s not Valentine’s Day, but it’s the work of law enforcement officer wives - LEOWs.

“We’re calling it Hearting the Building,” said Dottie Bruhn, a LEO wife for more than 30 years.

A group of officer wives have taken it upon themselves to “heart” all the law enforcement buildings in Okaloosa County from Crestview to Destin.


On Tuesday they hit Destin. The hearts range in a variety of colors, but all bear a number.

The numbers on the hearts are the call number of the officers that serve out of that office. Fifty-two officers serve out of the Destin office, however, Bruhn said they put up a few extra that say “We appreciate you” or “We honor you” or “Thank you for your service.”

The idea behind Hearting the Building is a show of support from the wives for the officers.

“It’s just to let them know that we love them and that we support them,” Bruhn said.

As for the call numbers on the hearts, “it personalized them,” she said.

Although Bruhn’s husband has since retired, she’s still much involved with the LEOWs.

“My heart has been for them ... the new wives,” she said.

Okaloosa County LEOWs are not the only group spreading the hearts. Bruhn said LEOWs in Escambia County, Penscaola, Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa and Walton counties are doing it as well.

She said it’s all about “doing something nice.”

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