A Mexican pickle, COVID-GIRL, and hoola hoops - Slacker .5K pulls in thousands for the pups (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

From a Mexican pickle to Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World,” folks came out Sunday morning dressed to have fun and participate in the third annual Slacker .5K at the Boathouse Oyster Bar to benefit Road Dogg Rescue.

The .5K Slacker event started in slacker fashion, about six minutes late, from the Boathouse on Destin harbor. Participants walked up the hill to the Red Door Saloon, where they had a drink and did a round on a hoola hoop, then over to Landshark’s for another drink and pork rinds, then back down the hill to Cruisin Tikis where there was another round on the hoola hoop, then back to the Boathouse where they drank a shooter loaded with an oyster before crossing the finish line.

More than 140 were registered for the event with just under 120 participating.

"I’m here because it benefits Road Dogg Rescue,“ said first-time slacker participant Katie Wright of Destin. “Plus I meet the criteria ... I’m a slacker.”

More than $4,000 was raised for the rescue. The rescue had about a dozen dogs on hand Sunday that were being fostered but were up for adoption.

Angel Reigelsperger of Niceville, who was also a first-timer to the event, was dressed as “COVID-GIRL” with a black cape. She was there with the ladies representing “Wayne’s World,” who were later named most “Stylish Slackers.”

Lisa Lewis of Niceville made it a family event with her daughters, Laney and Brook. Laney was dressed as big green pickle but had on a Mexican-type hat. She called herself a “Mexican pickle.”

“If it’s an opportunity to dress up ... we’re in,” Laney said.

Lisa was wearing a red, white and blue cape with many medals around her neck.

“I’m just here with my girls trying to have some fun,” Lisa said.

Deidre Gregoire of Niceville and Michael McKelvie of Panama City Beach were not dressed up, but they were still having a good time as they proceeded through all the stops along the way.

“I do real 5K’s,” Gregoire said, naming off various races she has done over the years. “But this is the only one I could get him to do too.”

“It was a lot of fun ... and a lot of drink tickets,” Michael said.

As for Jim and Dana Graves of Shalimar they participated for multiple reasons.

“It’s all about the cape,” Jim said. “Plus, she made me.”

“It’s fun to get dressed up and support the pups. Plus to get out and get some exercise,” Dana said.

When it was all said and done, the event raised $4,282 for the rescue, plus 10 20-pound bags of dog food were donated.