That’s ‘Officer Lifeguard’ - add kids, a summer downpour and one CPD officer

Brian Hughes Public Information Officer | City of Crestview

CRESTVIEW — All it took for a fun afternoon was a typical north Okaloosa County summertime downpour of the usual monsoon proportions, a handy retention pond, several playful kids and a Crestview Police officer who’s always up for hanging out with new buddies.

Officer Nate Marlar came across these children who were cooling off with a dip in the drainage pond between City Hall and Fire Station No. 1 on a recent rainy day.

Crestview Police K9 Officer Nate Marlar joins some kids frolicking in the retention pond between City Hall and Fire Station No. 1 on a recent rainy day.

“Some local kids decided to make use of the impromptu ‘swimming pool’ at City Hall,” Marlar explained. “I figured I would join in. Good times!”

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City Public Works officials frown on using retention ponds for recreational purposes due to the obvious health and safety concerns, not least of which are unknown underwater debris and other hazards, unclean stormwater runoff and the risk of drowning.

Luckily for the kids who took a dip in the City Hall pond, their “lifeguard” was a U.S. Navy veteran well versed in water safety. Most retention ponds, both public and on private property, aren’t as diligently guarded.

But kids will be kids, no matter their size. Marlar said he had as much fun as the kids, though he didn’t get quite as wet. Luckily, firefighter friends were nearby.

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After splashing a bit with his new pals, “I did warn them to be careful in the shallow water,” Marlar said. “And no diving!”