Tribute to snowbirds' Ken Yee

The Destin Log
Ken Yee will be missed by snowbirds and all of Destin.

We lost a giant in the world of Destin Snowbirds Jan. 8. Only the newest of new members might not know who Ken Yee was. He was president of the 2002/2003 season.

He sat up by the stage in The Roost for many, many years organizing and selling tickets to the weekly casino trips, an activity that he started chairing in 1997 with Orville Selid and then later with his late wife Fran. He continued to plan these trips right up until a year or two ago when enthusiasm for them diminished because, he reasoned, these days, everyone has a casino in their own back yard. 

Ken could also be found on the back of a pick-up truck, handing out candy or beads to the snowbird helpers in Destin's yearly Christmas Street Parade. 

Ken was recently recognized as the longest serving volunteer in the history of the club.  What most people will remember about Ken, however, is his big, friendly grin. He was never seen without it. Rest in peace Ken. You will be sorely missed.

Mary Pierce is the publicity chair for the Destin Snowbirds.