City of Milton hosts several special events throughout the year, up next is Waterfest

Jody Conrad

No one will ever accuse the city of Milton of not knowing how to throw a good party. Or more aptly said, "parties." And they’re all free to the public. 

The recent successful spring season of Bands on the Blackwater is only one example. Stephen Prestesater, the city’s public information officer, says that while planning Bands on the Blackwater takes up about 50% of his time, the other 50% is devoted to all of the other fun things that the city of Milton puts on for its residents. 

Waterfest in Milton is always a favorite of the youngsters.

The next item on the calendar is the city’s annual Waterfest scheduled for Aug. 14.  

“This is another annual event that we offer. Its unofficial name is ‘last splash before class’ because we do this just prior to schools opening back up,” Prestesater said. 

“To pull off this event, we simply flood Jernigan’s Landing with water toys. You’ll never see so many kids in one spot as you will at this event; we usually draw about 2,000. We hire an inflatable company who sets up all of the attractions, and then we set up a large tent and fill it full of misters for the parents.” 

Big Screen on the Blackwater is another of the events sponsored by the city.  

The city of Milton is coordinating the Haunted Trail with Whiting Field.

 “We set up a huge screen at Jernigan’s Landing and show movies in the park. This used to be a summer and winter event, off-setting the spring and fall ‘Bands’ seasons, but low attendance in the summer due to the heat is causing us to rethink this one. At this time, we do not have a schedule designated for this event,” Prestesater said.  

"We are currently looking at booking double weekends, with ‘Bands’ on Friday nights and ‘Big Screen’ on Saturdays to take advantage of the nicer weather.” 

The city also has a new event up its sleeve.  

Bands on the Blackwater is always a favorite.

“We’re in the planning phase for a Haunted Trail event that will take place near Halloween. I can’t release any details of this yet, but this will be a huge event for the city,” Prestesater added. 

The city also sponsors the annual Fourth of July fireworks at Riverfest and is behind the scenes of the annual Christmas Parade. 

Prestesater said any group wishing to hold an event in downtown will find easy steps to follow on the city’s website under the “how do I” link.