Girl Scout Troop 2070 helps to hand out Christmas dinners at Harvest House

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

On a cold drizzling rainy day, about a dozen members of the Girl Scout Troop 2070 came out to the Destin Harvest House to hand out Christmas dinners and extra food for the holidays. 

“They were actually wheeling out the carts to the families,” said Lori Joyner, director of the Harvest House. 

Members of Girl Scout Troop 2070 came out before Christmas to the Harvest House in Destin to help pack and and hand out Christmas dinners for the holiday.

On Monday, Dec. 20, the Harvest House pantry was able to give a gift of a Christmas dinner to 58 families on the Emerald Coast. 

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The gift is just one way of helping to fill the gap and alleviate monies to be spent on other items such as Christmas gifts or paying bills. 

Not only did the Girl Scout Troop help to hand out the food, but they helped to buy some of it for the Harvest House food pantry. 

Members of the Girl Scout Troop 2070 help to pack and hand out food at the Harvest House for Christmas dinners for area families.

Joyner explained that the troop donated cookies to the Harvest House to be handed out, plus they took some of their proceeds from their cookie sales to go shopping for the house. 

“They got the food list that most food pantries use and the girls went out and shopped,” Joyner said. 

Members of the Girl Scout Troop 2070 participated in handing out Christmas dinners at the Harvest House before Christmas.

“They tried to use their money wisely … shopping smartly for a food pantry,” she said. 

The troop then delivered the canned goods and other items to the Harvest House and helped to put it on the shelves. 

A couple of members from Girl Scout Troop 2070 help to stock the food pantry at the Harvest House earlier this year. Just days before Christmas the girls participated in handing out Christmas dinners to local families.

Then on Dec. 20, the day the food was to go out for Christmas dinners, the girls came back to help. 

“It was so cute,” Joyner said to see them wheel the food out to the families.