Boathouse Marina – one stop shop for fuel, bait, tackle, bar and more

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Boathouse Marina, located just to the east of The Boathouse Oyster Bar, hopes to be open and pumping fuel by the weekend and offering up whatever you might need for a day of fun or fishing on the water. 

“It’s aka Seven-Eleven,” said Capt. Chris Schofield as he looked around the retail space. 

“It’s going to be full on convenience store,” Chris said, complete with ice cream and roller dogs. 

Chris Schofield, along with his wife Missy, own the Boathouse Marina as well as The Boathouse Oyster Bar.

Schofield, along with his wife Missy, decided to open the marina when they started outgrowing the oyster bar restaurant, known for its gumbo, burgers, oysters, chili and more. 

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"We outgrew our kitchen in the original Boathouse. So, we moved our kitchen to our original retail spot, which is the upper deck over here,” he said pointing to the building beside the restaurant. 

When they moved the kitchen, it created another problem. They needed space for their merchandise to go. 

The Boathouse Marina is located just to the east of the oyster bar and has two pumps for fuel.

“We were not thinking we were going to have a full-on marina,” Chris said. 

The fuel dock behind the Boathouse was in use by a local pontoon business. But after Hurricane Sally blew through in September of 2020, it messed up the docks and they needed to be rebuilt. 

“(The pontoon business) decided to back out, so me and Missy decided to take it over,” Chris said. 

Shannon Vogt is the manager of the Boathouse Marina.

“The marina will offer fuel, bait, tackle, ice, retail and a bar,” said Shannon Vogt, marina manager of the 1,000 square feet space. 

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“We’ll have hotdogs, gumbo, boiled peanuts … you can order food right here and it’ll come from the kitchen if you want to sit out here and order,” Chris said looking at the outdoor deck overlooking the harbor. 

“You can pull up on your boat and eat at the Boathouse,” he said. 

The Boathouse Marina will have fuel, bait, tackle, retail and more.

The food will come from the Boathouse kitchen.  

The marina has two fuel pumps, one on the outer dock and one near the building. 

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"It’s not going to be a come dock and hang out for the day, but if you want to come eat dinner or lunch, we’ll give you an hour or two to go do that,” Chris said, noting they can tie up maybe six to seven boats. 

The Boathouse Marina is located just to the east of the Boathouse Oyster Bar.

“We’ve got to keep a couple of spots open for the two fuel pumps,” he said. 

With the price of fuel on a roller coaster ride the last few months mostly going up, the Schoefield's still moved forward with the plans for the marina. 

“There are still people out on the water,” Chris said. 

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“They are still playing and need fuel for their boats,” Vogt said. 

Steven Shook of Petro Flow was at the marina on Monday installing new fuel dispensers and checking the pumps.  

Chris said they were hoping to be open by Friday, April 8. 

“If there is something here they want and we got it … we’ll punch it in the computer and they can buy it,” he said.

On Monday several items were still in boxes. 

Steven Shook of Petro Flow was at the Boathouse Marina on Monday afternoon checking the pumps and installing new fuel dispensers.

“We’ll make it happen,” Vogt said. 

Will the Boathouse Marina offer discounts to the charter fleet and other pontoon operators? 

“We have something in the works for the guys … we haven’t dialed it in yet. But you buy fuel from us every day, we’ll help you out for sure,” Chris said. 

The Boathouse Marina has a fuel pump on the outer dock as well as up near the building.

The first big event the Boathouse Marina will be hosting is the Ding-A-Ling Cobia Tournament set for April 11-17. Weigh ins will be from 4-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday on the docks near the outside bar deck. The scales will be open from 4-7 p.m. on Sunday, the final day. 

But for now, the outside deck will be like an “overflow from the Boathouse,” Chris said. 

“Grab a beer and come enjoy the view,” Vogt said.