Local musician Bo Adams does virtual open call audition for The Voice

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Although the outcome wasn’t what he hoped, he’s glad he gave it a shot and will try again. 

“I’m a little deflated, but not discouraged,” said Bo Adams. 

Wednesday morning, Adams who grew up in Destin and now lives on Panama City Beach, did a virtual open call audition for "The Voice" on the stage at 30Avenue at Inlet Beach. 

Local musician Bo Adams does a virtual audition for The Voice at 30Avenue in Inlet Beach on Wednesday.

The audition was a 1 minute 30 second slot. During the auditions, the artists are to introduce themselves, tell which song they are going to sing and then sing the song. 

Adams, 45, chose to sing "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp and play his Gibson guitar. 

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In just a couple of hours after the audition was submitted Wednesday and reviewed by a member of "The Voice" casting team, Adams received an email. 

“Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the next round. But I will try again at some point,” he said. 


Adams has been playing music since he was 15. And for the last 15 years, “Most of my living comes from music.” 

He’s been playing locally at 30Avenue at Inlet Beach, the Red Bar in Grayton, Margaritaville in Destin, Red Fish Taco and Idyll Hounds, both in Santa Rosa Beach, and Little Village in Panama City to name a few of the venues. 

“I’m so grateful just to be playing music period,” Adams said as he set up for the audition on Wednesday. 

Bo Adams sang Jack & Diane for his virtual audition for The Voice at 30Avenue in Inlet Beach on Wednesday.

His favorite genre of music he likes to write is folk rock to Americana. But as for what he plays at different gigs, “you’ve got to be ready for the crowd,” he said. He plays everything from country to Grateful Dead and everything in between. 

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During the pandemic Adams spent some time in San Diego and his buddies encouraged him to try out for "The Voice." 

“It had been on my mind to do this,” he said. 

So, when he saw on Facebook the dates for the Open Call Auditions, he decided to give it a try. 


In order to do the virtual audition, he had to set up an artist's account with "The Voice." 

“All I had to do was sign my life away to NBC,” he laughingly said. Plus, he had to be available in October or May next year. 

Bo Adams, right, chats with his dad Jim for a moment after finishing up his audition for The Voice.

He had a set time and day for the audition. 

His goal during the audition was to show three things: that he could sing well, know how to be behind a microphone and how to work a crowd. 

Adams chose to do the audition on stage at 30Avenue. 

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“I wanted to put myself in a familiar place,” he said, noting he plays there every Friday. “Plus, it’s a phenomenal background … and I love the vibe here."

“We’re very happy to accommodate,” said Stephanie Madden, marketing coordinator of 30Avenue. “Bo is a great musician.” 

Madden and a few others from 30Avenue, as well as Adams' parents, showed up for the audition. 

A few family and friends showed up at 30Avenue on Wednesday morning for Bo Adams virtual audition for The Voice.

“I love watching Bo play. He’s an extraordinary singer and guitar player,” said his dad, Jim Adams. “He’s enjoyed it since an early age.”

Even before the results were known from the audition, Jim said, “Good for him for going out. You can’t get there unless you take a risk.” 

Although Bo didn’t make it this round, he’s not giving up. 

“I’ve got a lot on my plate right now,” he said, noting he is trying to move to Memphis, Tennessee, before the end of the year. 

Jim Couch, left, helps Bo Adams set up the iPad for recording the virtual audition for The Voice on Wednesday. Couch is also a musician.

“Maybe it’s God’s way of saying not now. But I’m going to keep trying,” he said.