Duo hangs flags in each unit at Sides Moreno Point West

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

If a little chill runs down your spine when you spot the many American flags hanging from the balconies on the units at Sides Moreno Point West condominiums as you come across the Destin bridge, then they have accomplished their task.

“We were thinking people needed support right now,” said Patty Luke, who lives at the Sides Moreno at the foot of the Destin bridge.

Luke, along with her friend Nicki Nicholson, took it upon themselves this week to put an American flag on the balcony of all 44 units at the condominiums.

Nicholson said they were hoping when people see the flags it would bring a sense of hope and unity.

“If all those people got together and are strong ... we (be) can too,” was the message Nicholson said they hoped to share.

The two ladies bought the flags all over town, from Hobby Lobby, just before they closed their doors, to Lowe’s, Target and Walmart.

“We just went and bought 44 flags and grommets ... and just started knocking on doors,” Nicholson said.

“Oh my god, (the other residents) were so excited to let us do it,” Luke said. “The whole building was so excited that we did it ... they were saying it looks so beautiful.”

The plan is to leave the flags up until the coronavirus has passes, however, the residents are now saying at least until July 4th.

The two ladies were motivated to do this task of solidarity after spotting Sheri Andrews’ lighted cross in one of the building’s units.

“I live above her and saw the cross glowing at night and I thought this is it ... God and country,” Nicholson said. "Wouldn’t it be cool if we all had flags?“

The cost of the flags ran roughly around $9 each. Some residents donated to the cause, but the ladies were happy to do it.

“It’s priceless,” Andrews said.

“We are right in front of the bridge and we just wanted to show that we’re standing together in unity ... America standing together,” Nicholson added. “They see that that many people came together, that there is hope they can come together too.”

“When you come across the bridge and see something like that it would give you chills ... and the support that we are together as one,” Luke added.

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