LOCAL CORONAVIRUS: S.E.A. Chase Watersports passes out pizzas and more

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log
The Destin Log

Since doors to restaurants and businesses around town have closed due to COVID-19, the people in Destin have stepped up time and time again to help each other out.

This week, Sheri Andrews of S.E.A. Chase Watersports decided to do what she could do.

“There’s lots of people going hungry and they haven’t got any money coming in,” Andrews said. “And I’m blessed to be in a position to be able to do this,” she said.

Andrews, along with some help from friends, set up a drive-thru of sorts on Wednesday down on the docks on Destin harbor near her business, just west of the Destin Yacht Club.


They gave away a pizza, a 2-liter of soda and a bag of popcorn to each car that drove through. They also gave away pizzas to a few walk-ups that work along the harbor.

“I don’t own a restaurant and I don’t have access to food ... but who doesn’t love a pizza,” Andrews said. “So we’re doing pizza, soda and popcorn. So while you’re stuck at home you can have a nice movie day.”

Vehicle after vehicle passed through and the people inside expressed their gratitude.

One lady came through and picked up a pizza for her 13-year-old granddaughter who was celebrating her birthday.

Some came through to pick up a pizza pie to take to others who couldn’t get out.

“This was perfect timing,” said Matt Ronk of Destin, who is using this off time to get a lot of work done at home.

“What you’re doing is so awesome ... thank you so much,” one driver said as they pulled up to get their food and drinks.

But that was the sentiment of most that came through the line, even a couple of deputies from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. They picked up a couple of pies to deliver to the Bluewater Bay station and the sub-station on Calhoun in Destin.

Andrews said if she has good participation, she would like to tap into some of her colleagues and other business and hopefully do maybe 200 pizzas next week.

As for the popcorn it was contributed by Brittany Blackman of Gibson Beach Rentals. Blackman said she saw Andrew’s call out on Facebook for possible help on the giveaways and she had lots of popcorn and coozies.

“We’re all in this together ... and I wanted to do something productive,” Blackman said.

The soda were donated by Seth Coffey, Nicki Nicholson and others.

Andrews said it really hit home with her earlier this week when she had to go to the dentist.

“I never leave my little bubble,” she said.

But as she was driving from her residence on Calhoun Avenue across town to the dentist, the usual places she stops to run errands and do a little shopping were all “on lockdown.”

“These people are hourly ... how are they getting by?,” she said. “It’s just overwhelming the number of people who are unemployed right now.”

Thus the idea to provide pizzas, soda and popcorn was berthed.

“Hopefully we do 200 next week,” Andrews said. “Maybe others will kick in some ideas. Who knows we may have can food down here next week with the pizzas.

“Whatever we can do to help. We’re blessed to be able to do it,” she said.

The crew will be giving away free pizza, drinks and popcorn again next Wednesday from noon until 1:30 p.m. or until they run out, whichever comes first, Andrews said.

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