Stolen bike devastates local teen

Savannah Vasquez
Trey Bunn, 13, is seen in this file photo with his bicycle on the opening day of the Fort Walton Beach skate park in August of this year. He has since changed out his handlebars for black ones with yellow grips. [ANNIE BLANKS/DAILY NEWS]

Lori Bunn just has one wish this Christmas; that someone return her 13-year-old grandson’s stolen stunt bicycle.

“He goes up here every single day,” said Bunn, referring to the skate park at the Fort Walton Beach Recreation Center. “He got it stolen from the recreation center Wednesday around 5:45 p.m. He called me and said, 'Nanna, someone just stole my bike.' ”

Bunn said her grandson, Trey Bunn, built the stunt bicycle piece by piece and had invested several hundred dollars customizing it. Bunn added that Trey has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, making the situation much more emotional for him than it would for most teenagers.

“It’s a homemade bike, he made it himself,” she said. “He is very smart, and he focuses on one thing. ..."

"He will take it apart and clean it and put it back together – he is obsessed with it.”

The missing bicycle has wide yellow tires, lime-green rims, yellow handlebar grips, a yellow and black chain and a white seat with yellow stitching. The brand is unknown as the bicycle was built with many different pieces.

Bunn added that a police report has been filed for the missing bicycle, and a small reward is being offered for its return.

“He is totally devastated that it is gone,” Bunn said. “It’s like he’s lost without it.”

If you see the bicycle or have news of its whereabouts please call the Fort Walton Beach Police Department non-emergency number at 850-833-9500 or call Lori Bunn at 850-543-4514.