Destin High School looks to get a logo, mascot

Tina Harbuck

When the call went out for names to be submitted for a mascot/logo for the new Destin High School, it was no surprise that there were a variety of fish names and nautical themes submitted for the high school that will sit in the heart of the city known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.”

In early July, people were asked to send in their ideas for a mascot, logo and even school colors that would represent the new high school planned to open next year in the facility that currently houses Destin United Methodist Church on Beach Drive.

Since then, 41 entries for mascot ideas/logos were submitted. Among them were the Stingrays, Makos, Tarpons, Captains and Buccaneers to name a few.

“There were some great ones,” said Heidi LoCicero, who is a member of the steering committee for the new high school. “The majority of them definitely pay tribute to our area's natural resources.

“We had some really creative students and community people that entered different ideas. A few people entered multiple ones,” she added.

The entries came from a wide spectrum of people, from elementary school students to retired military.

“I love the variety,” said committee chairman Prebble Ramswell, of the artwork.

She said you can tell that people took great pain in coming up with ideas that relate to Destin.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. But I’m excited to see how it all works out,” Ramswell said.

Destin already has two schools that bear the moniker of fish for logos/mascots — Destin Dolphins at the elementary school and Marlins at the middle school.

“It seemed like people wanted to carry that on from elementary to middle and then going into high school,” LoCicero said, noting the themes to the logos.

The committee will be meeting later this week to see the top three people’s choices in logos, mascots and school colors are that were chosen by the public in attendance at the recent town hall meeting for the high school.

Winners in each category will not only have bragging rights, but they will be awarded $150 for their efforts.

“We will take whatever wins and animate it so that it will be a good application on the different areas we use it,” LoCicero said.

The logo and colors will be used on school apparel, sports uniforms, book covers and much more.

“It should be really exciting to see,” LoCicero said. “The community excitement in Destin is back and it’s so encouraging … to be a part of something like this.”