Destin Elementary lunch menu Sept. 21 - 25

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The menu for Sept. 21 - 25 at Destin Elementary includes:

• Sept. 21: Fish Nuggets, Whole Grain Dinner Roll, Popcorn Chicken, Bread Slice, Steamed Broccoli, Mixed Fruit and Choice of Milk

• Sept. 22: Corn-dog, Beef Taco Meat w/chips, Black and White Bean Salad, Applesauce and Choice of Milk

• Sept. 23: Chicken & Cheese Sub, Hot Dog, Carrot Sticks, Blueberries and Choice of Milk

• Sept. 24: Salisbury Steak & Gravy, Bread Slice, Ham & Cheese Grilled, Scalloped Potato, Peach Cup and Choice of Milk

• Sept. 25: Pancakes Aunt Jemima, Sausage Patty, Cheese Pizza, Roasted Red Potatoes, 100% Fruit Juice and Choice of Milk

Note: Chicken & Cheese Sub

A great Philly sandwich is hard to replicate. This one has a unique twist — instead of sautéed beef, we use juicy chicken, thinly sliced and covered in melted cheese and wrapped in a lightly toasted whole grain bun. We offer sautéed mushrooms, peppers, onions and sauce to add to the great sandwich.