Kati's Prayer Bears lives on

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Kati McLean, founder of Kati's Prayer Bears, gave the bears away at Easter to Beginnings Preschool students.

Kati McLean was a prayer warrior. She touched countless lives and continues to — even after her death last May.

Kati's Prayer Bears was a ministry she started about four years ago to minister to new/expectant mothers to encourage them to pray over and for their children. She always had some of her prayer bears with her, and when she saw someone she felt needed a smile or encouragement, she would give them a bear.

"This was Kati's personal ministry," Carrie Burke, member of the prayer team, told The Log. "Her voicemail when you called would say, 'this is Kati McLean with the prayer bear ministry'."

Kati would ask people if they needed prayer for anything, and she would share the power of prayer with them. The bears were her way of bridging the "intimidation" of approaching someone she didn't know.

"She shared that many times people would be so touched and just 'unload' hurts and prayer needs," Burke said. "She would give the bears out in the checkout line at the store, to someone in the hair salon, servers in restaurants, anyone she felt needed a smile."

Kati even mailed out hundreds of bears to people to let them know someone was praying for them.

"She loved making these prayer bears, especially for the children," Dr. Chris Perry, senior pastor of Good News UMC in Santa Rosa Beach, told The Log. "Nothing thrilled her more than to be able to pray for someone. She was an incredible woman and a great prayer warrior."

As her pastor, Perry saw Kati during her weakest moments, and at his last visit with her before her death she didn't even have the strength to get out of bed.

"She wanted to talk about my upcoming trip to Europe and hear all the details," he said. "That’s just who Kati was — always thinking of others first. She spent hours in our prayer chapel and loved the privilege of praying for others."

A faithful prayer warrior until the end of her fight with cancer, Kati continued her prayers even in the hospital.

"She told me that even while she was in the hospital, unable to get out of bed, she would pray for her nurses, aides, doctors and the other patients she could see," Burke said. "When she was in Nashville in Centennial Hospital she could see the trauma helicopters coming in and out and she would pray for those aboard."

Kati's ministry continues and one of the best ways to honor her ministry is to share a bear with someone.

"I was her best friend, and I want to continue to keep her legacy of prayer alive. She was an amazing woman of the Lord and an inspiration to me," Burke said. "I love her and miss her very much."

If you have a prayer request, please send it to the prayer team at gnumcprayer@gmail.com You can also contact the team if you would like to get a prayer bear.