TSA Feds feed families

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The Transportation Security Officers at Destin-Ft. Walton Beach Airport care about keeping you safe in the skies in addition to assisting those in need in our local community.

During the month of September, the Transportation Security Officers volunteered their time and efforts during their lunch and break times, and took up the challenge of donating 1,000 pounds of food to the New Beginnings Mission food bank. The first challenge was how to get everyone involved. Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Lynisha Smith took charge and used her "Can Do" attitude to create various groups of officers to compete against one another to see who could donate the most food.

In keeping with the winning and giving spirit, Officers Lou Barrow and Wendy Werner pitched in with logistics. Transportation Security Officer Catherine Carron kicked it up a notch. She not only has a competitive side, but she also has a giving side as well. Carron lead the charge that catapulted the total weight of donated food to more than double the goal — to an actual 2,061 pounds.

"The entire TSA team of officers is very proud to give to those less fortunate, and take pride in helping the local community," said Officer Smith. "Each and every officer looks forward to next year's challenge."