Destin Elementary lunch menu Nov. 2 - 6

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

The menu for Nov. 2 - 6 at Destin Elementary includes:

• Nov. 2: Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Popcorn Chicken, Bread Slice, Spinach & Strawberry Salad, Applesauce and Choice of Milk

• Nov. 3: Fish Nuggets, Bread Slice, Beef Taco Meat w/chips, Steamed Carrots, 100% Fruit Juice and Choice of Milk

• Nov. 4: Hamburger on a Bun, Sandwich Topping, Hot Dog, Baked French Fries, Mixed Fruit and Choice of Milk

• Nov. 5: Chicken Parmesan, Breadstick, Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Bag Sliced Apples and Choice of Milk

• Nov. 6: Pulled Pork w/cheese on a bun, Cheese Pizza, Baked Beans, Chilled Juicy Pears and Choice of Milk

Note: Fish Nuggets

This lightly breaded nugget is awesome. This item is definitely kid tested, kid approved. We wouldn't serve fish unless we knew the kids would eat this up.