Special to the Sun

ENDO WHAT? is a game-changing, new documentary exploring endometriosis, a chronic and debilitating illness that affects an estimated 7 million American women. After selling out screenings in New York City, Sydney & Los Angeles as well London, Auckland and Toronto, the film will have a special screening at The Repertory Theatre in Seaside, Florida on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm.

In the film, patients and 30 of the world’s top experts weigh in to paint the most accurate picture of the disease to date, exploring its history, causes, consequences, and treatment options.

The New York Times recently said that the “film shatters the myths surrounding endometriosis.”

The Guardian’s Gabrielle Jackson added that it’s “hands down my pick for film of the year because its truth telling is powerful & inspirational.” Newsweek continued that “the film is the first step in a plan to educate & organize for change.”

Shannon Cohn, the film’s director and producer (and former 30A local), believes that empowering women through education is the most effective way to challenge a broken system to finally find a cure.

“A perfect, awful storm exists when we’re talking about endometriosis... societal taboos about ‘below the waist’ problems, misinformed doctors, ineffective treatments and a vicious cycle of misinformation unknowingly perpetuated by patients themselves. An estimated 176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis, and yet most people don’t know anything about it. This film is going to change that.”

The screening tour and digital release of ENDO WHAT? are the first steps in a robust outreach campaign aimed at educating not only women and girls, but health care providers and lawmakers worldwide. Funds grossed by the film will be used to support education and advocacy initiatives for women and informational programs for health care providers.

ENDO WHAT? is produced and edited by 30A local Arix Zalace, produced by former 30A local Patricio Cohn and features 30A locals Jenifer Kuntz (founder of Seaside’s Raw+Juicy) and River McBride (daughter of well-known singer Geoff McBride).