CYNERGY: The Sound of Silence

Cynthia Burton
Cynthia Burton

The sound of silence can be really loud. Think about it — LOUD silence. What is it? Loud silence is palpable peace, a heavy hush, stifling stillness, a quell-ing quiet. Loud silence is when you can hear a pin drop. It’s when night time falls and silence calls. What do you do when life is devoid of sound: no devices ringing and no texts pinging? There’s. Only. Silence.

We have all experienced the sounds of silence. They ring true, and loud, for us all. Silence can be overwhelming and engulfing. Let us examine the loud-ness of silence, the kind of silence that is not golden and is often unwelcome. Do any of these sound familiar: The empty echo of a once bustling home full of laughter and family. The phone that doesn’t ring. The stolen voice of a loved one who suffered a stroke. The death of a loved one, forever silenced. The recluse who purposely lives in a cocoon of solemnity. The abandoned person who never hears a loving voice. A deaf individual who has never heard sounds. Listen … can you hear the silence?

Here are some succinct suggestions for enduring the roar of silence. Perhaps one of these promptings will spur you on to help yourself or someone else. I have used them to hoist myself from the depths of the “quiet doldrums.” In turn, I’ve touched the lives of others by implementing them accordingly. Keep in mind; these ideas are like the lottery: you can’t win if you don’t play.

Lend a hand, your heart or some humor. Volunteer, visit, vacate your routine. Share (your time), care (for others), dare (to make a difference). Take your pride off the shelf and take the focus off yourself. Don’t wait to create (change) and participate (in life). Reinvent, reinvigorate, revive. Be there or be square. Get on up and get on out. Organize and orchestrate. Use your voice, make a choice, and take time to rejoice! Be someone to rely on, a shoulder to cry on. And, as a famous book and movie once declared: Eat, pray, love (take your pick, readers).

Most of all, LISTEN. Because sometimes, silence can be so loud.

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident.