Gulf World announces sudden, unexpected passing of Halo

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Gulf World is deeply saddened to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Halo, a stranded dolphin that was rescued in June of 2015. After months of rehabilitation, Halo was deemed non-releasable due to partial hearing loss and mother dependency.

For the last several months, Halo lived alongside the dolphins in the dolphin stadium at Gulf World Marine Park. She was thriving with training and was well socialized with the other dolphins.

The gross findings during the necropsy showed that she died of hydrocephalus, which is fluid in the brain. This is a rare untreatable condition found in wild dolphins. This was most likely the cause of her stranding.

Gulf World is sending samples for final report. Halo lived much longer at Gulf World surrounded by a loving family and she will be missed.