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CYNERGY: Courtesy — always in style, always worthwhile

Cynthia Burton
Cynthia Burton

Rarities: those which are rare, infrequent or uncommon.

Take note of these rarities in our technology crazed, media dazed, glamour glazed world — phone booths, phone books, flip phones, hand written letters, winning the lottery, small pick up trucks, a celebrity update without a Kardashian, discovering oil in your back yard, diets that actually work, gas prices that don’t go up in the summer, North Korea not alluding to nukes, no junk mail, not having to turn on your AC, a new movie that is not a sequel or prequel, not seeing a TV ad for a pharmaceutical company, ice scrapers at the Winn Dixie check out, plain black coffee, a person who hasn’t seen at least one episode of “Game of Thrones,” etc. Be-loved readers, you get my drift, right? These are bonafide rarities (and yes, I am that “Game of Thrones” person).

Here’s one more rarity to add to that burgeoning list: common courtesies. Specifically, please and thank you (if you please). And I can’t overlook may I and you’re welcome. It used to be these words were staples in our lexicon. Child: “May I please have some money to go to the movies?” Parent: “Yes, here you go.” Child: “Thank you!” Parent: “You’re welcome.”

Has politeness gone out of style? Has it gone the way of dinosaurs — extinct? Has convenience and ever-evolving technology rendered such civilities non-essential? Are households minus manners? Are corporations, colleges, clubs, companies, conglomerates (and just fill in the blank here) too stressed to mess with Etiquette 101? When did it become acceptable to eliminate the essentials of communication? Why have these words gone out the window? Out of the frying pan and into the fire? OK, forget the frying pan analogy.

Folks, some things never go out of style — and shouldn’t. For instance, holding a door open for someone. Lending a helping hand. Courtesy. Listening. Respect. Kindness. Honesty. Sportsmanship. Sharing. Typewriters and 8-track tape players (just kidding!). It’s time to reignite the fire of a warm welcome, a polite please, and a thank you or two. Won’t you join me, please?

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident.