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Snookie Parrish to speak at Destin Garden Club

Special to The Log

The Destin Garden Club will meet at 9:30 a.m. June 14 at the Destin Library, 150 Sibert Ave. This event is open to the public.

The club will have guest speaker Snookie Parrish give a program on the American Pride Landscape Awards. She was a judge in the recent event and will discuss the standards of evaluating landscape design, and give a slide presentation of the landscapes that were chosen this past year for this prestigious award.

Parrish was born and raised in Selma, Alabama. She was a dental hygienist for 20 years before changing careers. She started a small landscape company in Mobile, Alabama, in 1995. She graduated from the Mobile County Master Gardener program in 1996 and presided as Master Gardener president in 1999. In December 1999, she moved to Walton County and took the job as head gardener at Watercolor when it first began. She stayed there until becoming the site supervisor of the new community of Alys Beach in June 2004. In November 2006, Parrish left the corporate world to start her own landscape company in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved there to be closer to her mother, but she continues to work on a regular basis in Walton County.

The object of Destin Garden Club is to stimulate the love of gardening among members; to promote gardening through community projects; to aid in the protection of birds, trees, shrubs and flowers; to encourage city beautification and to share with members and others the fruit of our studies.

Membership to the club is $35 a year and entitles members to special hands on workshops and members-only field trips and garden bus tours. Members also help maintain the beautiful grounds at the Destin Library and work the third Tuesday of each month there. The public is encouraged to attend their meetings, and these events are free and open. This will be the last meeting of the season before resuming meetings in September.

For questions, call 660-341-8900.