'Oh, this is a big one': 101-pound wahoo breaks 12-year-old record at Destin Fishing Rodeo

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Little did they know when they took a lunch break from grouper fishing to troll that they would hook up with a Destin Fishing Rodeo record-breaking fish.

Derrick Dover, who was fishing with his brother, Andrew, and his dad, Tony, on the Muscle Memories, hauled in a whopper of a wahoo on Oct. 7 — 101 pounds — to break a 12-year-old rodeo record.

The rodeo record was a 98.2-pounder caught by Omar Breiz of Mary Esther in 2010 aboard the Don't Hate with Capt. Scott Whitehurst.

The crew aboard the Muscle Memory set a new Destin Fishing Rodeo record on Oct. 7 with this 101-pound wahoo. Standing from left are Capt. Andrew Dover, angler Derrick Dover, Miss Destin Ella Kathryn Campbell and gaff man and dad Tony Dover.

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Derrick Dover said they were fishing about 30 miles southwest of Destin when they decided to take a little lunch break and throw some wahoo lures.

"We were trying to get some nice groupers, but it was happening," he said.

About 30 minutes in, they landed a 30-pound wahoo. 

Dover said they cleaned up the mess and then about 30 minutes later they got another big bite. 

"We were in the same area. ... It took off and just kept going. I thought, 'Oh this is a big one,'" he said.

Derrick Dover shows off his 101-pound wahoo he caught aboard the Muscle Memories with his brother Capt. Andrew Dover. Wishing him well is Miss Destin Ella Kathryn Campbell.

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The fish made about a 45-second run where it was just peeling off line, he said. 

"Then I thought it got off because it started coming toward us ... so I'm cranking and cranking," he said.

Then the fish took off again. 

Dover said he worked him back to the boat, still not knowing exactly what he had on the hook 

The crew aboard the Muscle Memories brought in this 101-pound wahoo on Oct. 7 to set a new Destin Fishing Rodeo record.

"He was down deep under the motor," he said. 

He then got a glimpse of the wahoo under the motors. 

"He was huge. ... OK, nerves start to set in," he said, not wanting to lose the fish. "After dad stuck the gaff in him, he was done."

Dover said they got the wahoo on a Jag-A-Hoo Blue Water Candy lure.