Mardi Gras parades through Destin Elementary on Fat Tuesday

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

If you can’t make it to Mobile or New Orleans for a Mardi Gras parade – no problem. 

Students decked out in masks, beads and more lined the outdoor corridors of Destin Elementary and waited in anticipation as they could hear the band at a distance. 

Members of the Fort Walton Beach Viking Brass Band paraded through the corridors of Destin Elementary School on Fat Tuesday bringing a little Mardi Gras celebration.

Members of the Fort Walton Beach Viking Brass Band, under the direction of Derek Fields, director of bands, paraded through the corridors of the elementary school on Fat Tuesday, bringing a little Mardi Gras to the students. 

“It was student appreciation day,” Destin Elementary Principal Amy Meyer said. 

The students waited in anticipation as they could hear the band at a distance.

Meyer said she always likes to do a little something special for the students and surprise them. This time it fell on Fat Tuesday, so she rounded up a parade. This time of year, there are a lot of activities and parades going on surrounding Mardi Gras and not all kids get to go, but this way they get to take part in it, she said. 

Students come up to pick a couple of items from the woot woot wagons as part of student appreciation day.

Throughout the day, some of the teachers did activities in the classroom with the students, such as making masks and crowns. 

“We also had woot woot wagons,” Meyer said. 

Members of the kindergarten class followed behind the band during the Mardi Gras parade.

The woot woot wagons were decorated in purple and gold and carried fun items for the children to choose, such as snacks or school supplies. The wagons made it around to each room and students were able to pick out one item from the supply and treat wagons. 

Alexander Doyle of the Fort Walton Beach Viking Brass Band was decked for the occasion.

“I love that you come to school each day with enthusiasm and positivity and are ready to work and on your best behavior. Thank you for being awesome students,” Meyer told the students as they stopped by a classroom with the wagons. 

The children didn’t hesitate to gather around and pick out a couple of items.