A race that even kids will want to run

Thea Reifschneider, Student’s view

My name is Thea Reifschneider. I am 12 years old and I am in 7th grade at Emerald Coast Middle School.

Every year in school since kindergarten, we have had to run a mile and we are timed. I have always hated it. Going around and around that track is sooo boring. There is all this information about kids exercising or going outside, but it is boring or dangerous. There is no way for us to exercise unless we are on a sports team.

SRB Productions (my mom's company) is putting on an obstacle course run. The money goes to a charity in our area. I told my mom I wanted to do the obstacle course with my friends and she laughed and said that I couldn't, because I hate to run and it was adults only. That got me to thinking, how can I get her to add something that was geared toward kids.

I hate to run around the track for that one mile, but I would be willing to do an obstacle course run. I asked my mom if they could add a kids’ event. She could see that there was a need for kids to get out and exercise, so she said yes. I have been able to help decide on the obstacles and now my friends and I have our own event. It is a 1-mile obstacle course run geared for kids 13 and under. A parent can run with the child if they want. I think this is a much better way to get kids to run. All of my friends are excited and can't wait to get dirty and run.

My friends and I will be out on October 20th doing the Treasures of South Walton Adventure Run — kids event. This is the first kids’ obstacle course run on the Emerald Coast, and I am very excited that it was my idea! For more information, you can email me or my mom, shelley@srbproductions.co or visit the website at www.treasuresofsouthwalton.com.  

Thea Reifschneider is a future runner and Santa Rosa Beach resident.