RON HART: Media and their polls declare Obama winner

Ron Hart, The Hart Beat

ROSEMARY BEACH — Obama has been assured by his media and their pollsters that he is so far ahead in this election he should withdraw his daughters' applications to private school in Chicago.

He has not passed a budget or told us anything he will do to improve unemployment, yet he demands that Romney tell Americans what and where he will cut. We know Romney will cut the budget, but Obama wants him to give the specifics which Obama himself will not. It is a game that continues to cater to the worst of us, well played by the Democrats.

Sadly, it is working.

Obama has not attended security briefings so that he has time to fund raise or appear on softball radio DJ shows. If the CIA wants him to know something, they should brief "Pimp with a Limp" or Obama’s golf caddy and ask them to pass the information along. The Treasury Department might want to ask uber-angry liberal Dave Letterman to tell Obama our deficit number, which Barack did not know on that love-fest interview.

Instead of meeting with international leaders in the wake of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya, Obama lied and blamed it on a 13-minute YouTube video. He then flew to New York for an interview with the adoring ladies of "The View" in which he called himself “eye candy.”

But to be fair, presidents from Grover Cleveland to Bill Clinton have spent time grubbing on the couch with Barbara Walters.

If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to get some face time with Obama, he should be a special correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight." He could pitch an interview that plans to ask Obama about his favorite chili recipe and cutest puppy.

To tamp down any more problems before the election, Obama quietly appropriated $450 million more for Egypt. I think he slipped it into his deficit-riddled budget under the heading of "office supplies." If he were honest, Obama would list the one million cell phones he gave to Ohio voters as a campaign expense.

Obama so controls the media that all three debate “moderators” are committed liberals from CNN, CBS and PBS. They are the political equivalent of corrupt replacement referees.

The new Obama/Biden campaign slogan is “Forward,” mainly because they do not want you to look back at what they have done. Or maybe “Forward” is where they are sending all the bills they are racking up: $16 trillion Forward to our kids and grandkids.

The Chicago mudslinging machine that is David Axelrod is trying to make Mitt Romney out to be a monster. Never mind that Romney is as wholesome and clean a candidate as this nation has ever produced. Axelrod and his cronies, knowing they have an abysmal record to run on, set about distorting and vilifying Romney with false and negative ads. As we now know, Romney killed the wife of an employee in an astonishing feat, giving her cancer six years after he left Bain Capital and the man's plant closed.

The Obama campaign's now famous “Kill Romney” internal memo has played out in front of us, and again, it has worked. With hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign, union and PAC money, combined with control of the mainstream media which will talk about whatever he tells them to that week, the Chicago Slime Machine is hitting on all cylinders.

Then there are the stars who feed this celebrity-like “Kardashian President.” Madonna said she would take off her clothes if Obama is reelected. (I am not sure if that is an inducement to voters or a threat.) Other vapid actresses like Jessica Alba, who never attended college and yet who, like most in the entertainment world, feels compelled to opine on all things political, said we need to pledge allegiance to Barack.

The cult of personality and orchestrated propaganda are so strong that Nazi Party Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels would have been proud. The media and other acolytes goose step to Obama's tune. His campaign is so bought-in that the on-hold music you hear when you call Obama's campaign headquarters is Third Reich army marching songs. Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award winning author and TV/radio commentator and can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com, Twitter @RonaldHart or at visit RonaldHart.com