Overheard on the Web: VP Debate edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Last night’s vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan was a hot topic on The Log’s Facebook page. Here is what some of our friends had to say about the debate, and who they thought won.

Lauren Abbruzzesi Fuhrman: RYAN! Biden is a clown and rude! Joshua Nelson: Definitely not the laughing hyena Chuck Owens: Duh, Ryan is by far better than Biden. Kim Darnell Graham: Biden is acting like a child. Ryan has been calm and respectful. It shows who has character. Biden is an idiot! Steve Thomas: Vice president Paul Ryan! Nancy Hausbeck Jordan: No comment. Melanie Sharpe Griffith: The guy with the larger American flag lapel! Yay Ryan! Joni Grant Carlson: Definately Paul Ryan... Joe Biden is an embarrassment Caryn Rominger: No debate for the winner of this debate... Ryan!! Rick Scali: Biden has no idea how arrogant, rude and foolish he looks tonight. Kenneth Hall: Ryan is still trying to figure it out... Looked like a fighter that got knocked out early in the fight… Michael-Michelle Niebauer Minton: Paul Ryan ROCKED this debate! He's all class and professionalism! Carrie Kenworthy: The one not snickering like a nervous schoolgirl. Billy Chavers: Ryan. I hope Joe’s demeanor puts off the on the fence types. Julie Theiss: Considering Ryan had to debate the liberal moderator and the smirking 5-year-old, he won hands down! He was comfortable and professional, unlike Biden Deborah Orr: ahahhaha… Biden mopped the floor with Ryan... Mark A. Davis: Ryan is a class act... something that Obama voters have nothing of. Billie Hardy: Thank u Ryan for taking the debate serious and keeping it professional Gia Kirker: Biden is experienced, has the facts, told the truth and very passionate about the questions. Brie Wieland: Biden was trying to dominate Ryan to make up for Obama not handling his own. But, he only came across as arrogant and rude. Scott Thurston: It was close, but Biden had 2 to 3 times where he flat out gave inaccurate answers. Then his laughing, sighing, interrupting, and poor choice of words (stuff/malarkey) came off rude and disrespectful. Then the moderator clearly favored Biden. As result I believe the nation will favor Ryan Terri Lawley McCollum: If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet" Proverbs 29:9