OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Presidential Debate Edition

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OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Presidential Debate Edition This week we saw President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney duke it out during this season’s second presidential debate. When the dust cleared, we asked our Facebook fans for their thoughts on who won the debate. Here’s what they had to say.

Caryn Rominger: Romney — no question  

Sarah Herbst Drahn: Obama  

Suzanne Lowery Giancola: President Obama... and the 47 percent.  

Bonnie Grantham Hall: Obama brought his "game" but Romney is a successful leader  

April Blasier Beckman: Mitt. Obama caught in his fib on the Libya terrorist.  

Bobby Johnson: Obama for sure. He kept Mitt in defense mode. I could care less who becomes president but objectively Obama got this one.  

Pro Mod Modelers: Well the best liar tonight was Obama.  

Christi Comander Ferry: Obama. Romney came off as desperate and nasty.  

Laura Borella-Thompson: Romney for sure! When I hear Obama it makes me think: “Are we watching the same debate?” lol  

Esther Lynnae: What classifies a "win"? A good performance? Just wondering. I just love how the president supposedly takes the blame for Libya... but blatantly blamed a video for the outbreak of terrorism. Seriously? Six times at a U.N. presentation. Taking responsibility is not blaming your own country, but saying we failed our country by not protecting those who serve over there, especially when extra security was needed, and when it was around the time of the 9/11 anniversary. People... open your eyes!  

Jenny Long Dargavell: Why does God need to come into play at all? This is politics, not church.  

Jeanne LeMoine Fell: I didn't see a clear winner. Obama seemed defensive — not presidential.

Sheila Ballinger Fenton: Thought the whole thing was crazy. Didn't like the "in your face" by either candidate. Still favor Romney though. Tony Mennillo: Romney did a great job of pointing out Obama's record. Romney won. Cindy Ware: Not the American people, that’s for sure. Talk about swapping the devil for the witch. Bryan Holmes: Romney definitely, you know when Obama is lying is when his mouth is moving. Only thing Obama can do is blame Bush, repeat himself, taking credit for Bin Laden’s death, and lie. Nancy Canup Gravitt: Romney all the way! Obama just told more lies and I keep hearing that Romney was "wrong" about Libya? Candy even confirmed that Romney was right! Andi Stempki: Well you have to remember — Obama has been the president for the last four years… So Romney is going to win all three debates. Tonight, his victory was in a slightly different way. Romney got asked at least one great question. That was, "What is different between you and Bush?" And Romney nailed it. Christine Gay: I was not a fan of this style of debate overall. But Romney still has my vote. I wish they all had to pass lie detector tests during these debates. That would help.