OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Presidential debate edition

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The Destin Log

After the last debate was over, The Log asked who won it. Here are some of the replies.

Charlie Mancuso: Romney... The Emerald Coast can not handle another four years of a weak economy... When the economy here is supported by tourism AND the military... With so many businesses here struggling, who would support another four years of the same?

Esther Lynnae: Romney: “America does not dictate, it liberates.” Obama: "uhhhh".... Because Obama doesn't understand democracy... only a dictatorship way to lead. At this point, Obama has yet to prove to me he is trustworthy and that he really does have America's best interest in mind. Obama doesn't understand economics; he believes in government run everything... have you ever been frustrated with a "federal government" agency? I wish more people would actually do their research. That people would not base decisions on Democrat or Republican but who has America's best interest in mind. This whole "fair" thing across the board is not reality... it's never been reality you know why? Because not everyone has the same values and beliefs, so for me to pay for someone else's values is absurd. So at this point, Romney has my vote!

Mistie Taylor-Zuromski: Romney's battleship was sunk by Obama!!!

Steve Chancey Sr.: Romney... Now will all Floridians vote for Romney? Sure hope so.

Jenny Gomillion: Future Mr. President Romney!!

Patti Terjak: Not sure who actually won, but do know Romney pushed me right over to the Obama side.

Brandon Jones: There was quite an echo in the room. Sounded like BS from Romney

Cynthia Ann Mason-Williams: Obama won... Romney was even agreeing with the president.

Stefanie Weber O'Dell: Romney! Yea baby

Pro Mod Modelers: I thought that I seen the horns on Obama’s head.

Mark A. Davis: This poll just in: President Obama has 100 percent of the white trash vote!

Pam Mossack Doughty: I'm firmly for Romney, and I don't like Mark A Davis! There's no need for name calling and personal attacks. Stick to the issues. Stop using stupid names for the president and Mitt Romney. Be kind. Remember all of those things you learned in Kindergarten. 'Nuff said.

Melissa Bergeron-Neeb: Wow.... I am undecided but if Mark A. Davis is any indication of what Romney represents, No thank you.

Stormie Taylor Guidry: Honestly tired off seeing Max Headroom and his sidekick Eddie Munster. Thank God this will be over in a couple of weeks!

Don LeMay: Did anybody really win?

Richard Mosley: It really doesn't matter since Congress is the real problem :-/

Greg Fisher: What a silly question to ask when 80 percent of Okaloosa County voted Republican in the last election... That's like asking a Christian if they believe in Jesus.

Delaine Syster: Oh My. Romney is sunk. The President sounded consistent and intelligent.

Josh Engelkens: Ron Paul

Jessica Davenport: I would like to know from some of you Obama supporters, what exactly it is that you like about him? I'm not being sarcastic. I truly want to know because no one can seem to answer that question. What is it that he has done or you think he will do that gets your vote? And I don't want to know why you dislike Romney. (That is a separate question.) Or that "He cares about the middle class....etc.) I want to know SPECIFIC reasons. I'm trying to understand where you are coming from. Not being rude. I don't get it.

John Lomax: It is very disturbing to see how uneducated and blind people are about this election. Romney clearly won! He's the only candidate worthy for the White House!