Learn from The Log: Don’t die of S.T.D.S

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

Your article by Jessica Coker about the Destin lady with breast cancer is outstanding.

She was misdiagnosed for more than a year by local doctors. I understand that she then went to the University of Alabama, Birmingham, which has a large and expert

Cancer Medical Center that treated her and gave her a great chance to live.

I had a similar situation and moved from Destin to the Jackson, Miss., area, which has a large cancer center at the Baptist Hospital, which surely saved my life.

I have therefore concluded from deaths of several friends and people I knew that many, if not most, people die from S.T.D.S. (Small Town Doctor Syndrome).

Don’t die from S.T.D.S. Go where the expertise is.

G.W. Pope Brandon, Miss.