OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Presidential Election Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

With Tuesday’s election only days in the rearview mirror, The Log’s Facebook page saw plenty of reaction after President Barack Obama was re-elected. Here’s what our friends had to say their feelings the day after.

Eric Ferlo: Disappointed in America

Joshua Nelson: That the voting system is broke. Nancy Canup Gravitt: So sick I cannot eat this morning. Shortys Surfside: We are all blessed and fortunate to be living in the greatest country ... That will never change! If we could all appreciate that simple fact, that's what would make this world a better place. Curt Gwin: Still have not had one Obama supporter explain why they give support to this man and his record from the past four years. It would be different if he had a good record. 8 percent unemployment... Military cuts... The national debt is still climbing and there is no plan to change that. Obama did not follow through on his promises from the last election. I just don't understand why anyone would support these things. Please will someone put some logic to this for me, specifically an Obama supporter? Hope Bullard: I am glad it is over. I voted. America is still America and I will continue to respect the "presidency" Yvonne Meadows Lucas: So very, very sad. Please dear God bless America again. Karen Jackson Goudelock: The president is not the problem. Congress is the problem. They forget they are there to do the people’s business, not theirs. It would be a wonderful thing if every citizen sent a letter, email, or fax to their representatives and senators, putting them on notice that they either cooperate with each other in a bipartisan fashion to get our business done or face the consequences next election cycle. Matt Drahn: It so funny how Republicans want a good reason why Democrats voted for President Obama. I haven't heard a good reason to vote for Mr. Romney. Let me say this you will never get a good reason because you look at it differently than others who have voted opposite of you. We all have different options and views of how we think America should be. I’m happy that I live in a free country where we can express our opinions and not go to jail over it. I’m however saddened by how people take things and use hate towards others. I don't hate others because of their opinions. This is America land of the free. BTW I'm a vet of two wars. It's a great day to be an American!