OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Ferris Wheel Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

News that a Ferris wheel might be coming to Sandestin at The Village of Baytowne Wharf created plenty of buzz online. Here is some of the chatter.

Georgiana Craven Salter: Do it! Destin is already commercialized, why stop now?

Marika Bardos-Laureles: I HATE IT!Can't we think of something else, besides what has already been played out... blah.

Doug Alexander: As one of those icky tourists, that’s not what I come there for.

Jeffrey P. Eves: Well, the 100 percent statement of opposition just isn't so. There are plenty of residents at Sandestin that think the Ferris wheel would be a great addition! Seems like there are always some who are just against everything!

Stacey Kidder: It's absurd to put that in Baytowne. As a homeowner, I'm horrified that it could even be a possibility. I’m not one of those locals who abhors all things that are “new” or different. I'm a realist. I know we live in a beautiful place, where the primary source of industry is tourism, and to keep that tourism coming improvements occasionally need to be made. But this is not the answer. Baytowne used to be a classy place with great food and good music. If people want to go on carnival rides, then they'll go to Pier Park or to a county fair. I can't see it being a selling point for bringing in tourists, and it definitely won't bring in the locals. It'll most likely keep us away. Please, Please Please, do not put that thing in Sandestin.

Chris Coudrain: OMG not a ferris wheeel! Why is this such a big deal? I say bring it on... looks great...

Rick Scheel: Destin has already been turned into a circus. Why stop now? Let’s get elephants and ponies too!

Angie Wyatt: Right on!

Candy Kiss: As long as it's Baytowne and not on the harbor, I don't have a problem with it!

Kelly Calvert Roe: How will it fair in Hurricane winds? I'm sure the commission will approve it. They're talking about a golf cart path on 30A... surely, this is less ludicrous.

Lynn Richardson: I think it is time Mr. Becnel start asking permission instead of forgiveness for the changes to our resort. I pray that the county will shut this down before it gets truly ugly between all of the owners, the SOA and Mr. Becnel. We did not move here to live in an amusement park.

Mark Thompson: "Our resort"? You may own some property within the resort but the resort DOES belong to him.

Preston Green: What is there to complain about? Its a Ferris wheel not a rollercoaster people.... All this can do is improve tourism ratings.