OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Black Friday Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
The Gainer girls from Crestview were just one of many who turned out on Black Friday hoping to catch a bargain. They got in line at Best Buy in Destin at 4 p.m. Thursday and were looking to purchase a television.

With lines at local retailers out the doors and wrapped around some buildings, The Log asked our Facebook friends “What is the one item you would venture out for on Black Friday, and how long would you be willing to wait in line to get it?” Here is what they had to say.

Tammy Anglesey: How bought a vacation to Destin? Id wait in line hours for that! LoL..

Noelle Everett: Won't ever shop on black Friday, but I really want an Xbox & Black Ops...pleeeeease:)

Lauren Barron: Anyone who loves the whole black Friday shopping shenanigans has never had to work in retail during the madness! Once you see the craziness from the opposite side, it makes you realize just how hostile people can be over a toy for their kid! It makes me giggle, because it seems that the most docile of people will stampede others to get $10 off the hottest toy for their innocent kid at home who's alone and wishing their parents were spending that time with them... Quality time with family is worth more than any sale!

Rick Moore: A new Bote paddleboard. I would wait until sundown.

Casey Ryan Barber: Nothing is that important! I will just order it online!

Deborah Orr: never done it; never plan on doing it.

Toni Harper Strang: Good question, it would depend on how much I needed it, but I don't do crazy Friday

Michael Kinkopf: People were lined up Wednesday at Best Buy next to us here in Destin.