OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Norriego Point Edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

After a recent meeting where city leaders talked about a proposed park and roadway on Norriego Point, our Facebook Fans had plenty of opinions on the subject.

Here’s what they had to say...

Tim Krueger: They won't be happy until it's all paved and covered with concrete. Ask Larry Williges how many times he's been out there personally.... I bet zero. Crown jewel my a%^ it will be an eye sore as you cross the bridge.

Christopher Ray: Man can ruin anything. The only thing that should be built there is a restroom. Nothing more ever. Less is more, one day everyone will learn.

Jake Kearney: This is one of the worst ideas that I have ever read. $690,000 for what? Then there is the additional cost every year for maintenance/repairs etc. Not to mention that all would be gone in the first tropical storm, let alone hurricane. Some trashcans and possibly rest rooms are all the improvements that are needed. I'm with Chris - less is more.

Cheryl Rhoads: I don't want a pavilion there either. You just know that will end up being for weddings all weekend every weekend. They don't want to tell the locals that, but figure it out.

Denise Marie: I felt like I would be physically ill as I read this. And now I just feel like crying. Gonna ruin everything.

Kibbie Marie Finn: I think it's a HIDDEN jewel of Destin as it is, and I think that's what makes it so special. I really hope they leave it alone.

Renee McDonald Wagner: Oh please. What an idiotic notion. Shouldn't we stop the point from completely eroding first? The fishing fleet have had to struggle with navigation for years. Dumping more sand on it only lasts till it rains. A road? Hell no. That land was a bird sanctuary and should be again.

Don LeMay: You people come up with some great ways to waste money and ruin nature at the same time!

Shellie Lloyd Mancuso: I'm just so grateful they are not going to put more condo's there. Preserving it for Public use is awesome, possibly enlarge the current parking and maybe a small bathroom facility and covered area is not a bad idea as long as they keep it simple and not go 'overboard'.