OVERHEARD ON THE WEB: Overboard edition

Staff Writer
The Destin Log

A proposed development, which would include an indoor shooting/archery range and motorcycle sales amongst other activities, in the old Club Overboard/Twisted Palm building generated plenty of discussion on The Log's Facebook page. Here's a bit of the chatter from our friends.

Craig Mann: Phenomenal!

Donna R. Fox: No! Destin does NOT need this!

Jenny Mallin: Always good to get more indoor stuff for the tourists to do on rainy days.

Tom Corcoran: Bizarro!!!!

Jamey Morgan Starling: The nearest gun range is in Crestview. I'm happy we might get one here. The odd mix of business is odd but it might be a good thing for us.

Julie Theiss: Yes! I'm tired of driving to Panama City to get to target practice!

Jayson Evanchyk: Bring it on we need one, and anyone who doesn't like it can just keep on driving it's that simple!

Sheila Smith: Don't need the shooting range. I say NO. Were in Destin people not out in the country like Crestview. We are a beach town.

David Wood: Oh there's a park behind the building so you can't have a gun range? Really? Like there will be hollow walls and windows. For the rounds to pass through! If they range is allowed it will have to meet the building and regulation codes for that type of operation. There will be the proper barriers and sound absorbing materials required and regulation on the type of ammo to prevent such an incident. And as far as gun control, let's see how banning or outlawing things have worked - alcohol, didn't work. Drugs- yea, you can't find drugs anywhere, drunk driving, underage drinking, counterfeiting, speeding, theft, etc, etc. What the world needs is people being responsible instead of the self absorbed me, me, me mentality.

Jerry Tommasone: Bring it on, can't wait for it to open!